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Jeff Jericho

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Artist Bio


Born in Los Angeles, CA. in the mid 80’s, to an immigrant mother and a military father. Jeff Jericho first began making music his junior year in high school. Performing at local talent shows with a group of child hood friends, the group would soon go their separate ways in order to pursue solo ventures shortly after graduating from high school. Jeff and former group member / producer, J-Myth, would eventually rent out a small apartment in Inglewood, CA. and began making more serious recordings with another local producer by the name of DeUno. During this time Jeff went on to record a couple of mixtapes before taking a short hiatus to concentrate on family matters stemming from the birth of a second child and the incarceration of his oldest sons mom.

Once Jeff was ready to return to the music scene, he again called on the help of J-Myth and DeUno to lend their talents to his project. Jeff also set his eyes on a third producer and friend by the name of Tariq Beats who had begun establishing himself within the local music scene during Jeff’s hiatus. The collaborative effort would spawn what Jeff calls his debut album ‘The Jericho Experience’. The album was independently released on April 22, 2014 and was ushered in by the Aris Jerome directed ‘Get Crazy’ music video which debuted a few weeks prior to the album’s release. 2 more videos were eventually released for the project, Ridin Slow and Drives Me Crazy. Jeff is currently working on a new project due for release during the summer of 2015.



Haters Gone Love It

by Jeff Jericho

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